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Book AC/DC - Album by Album - Martin Popoff

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Book AC/DC - Album by Album - Martin Popoff

I'm on the Highway to Hell!

How was a musical legend that has been adored for decades by millions around the world created? Why did AC/DC face accusations of Satanism and why were certain songs not allowed to be played in New York? And where did that iconic Angus Young's iconic school uniform come from? Canadian music journalist Martin Popoff writes a book that charts the journey of the Australian rock gods through their first 16 albums. To help you, he invited many guests from the music industry, close to AC/DC, and supplemented the interviews with a wealth of authentic and often previously unpublished photographs from concerts, rehearsals and the band's private life. So we'll learn countless details about the songs and albums and maybe even understand where that unmistakable sound came from that every music fan recognizes after the first few notes.

At the time of the book's release in 2017, there was still speculation about the possible end of the "electricians," but fortunately they have reassured us with the publication in 2020 of their final album for the time being, Power Up. So, as it turns out, their ride on the the highway to hell isn't over yet.
Dust off the vinyl, kick up the stereo and listen to an electrifying slice of hell on earth, brought to us from the other side of the world by two little brothers with guitars.

  • Czech language
  • dimensions: 197mm x 253mm x 27mm (7.8 x 10 x 1.1 in)
  • binding: hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • year of publication: 2023




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