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Žijeme tvrdou hudbou

We live for heavy music

From the day we learned how to walk, we've attended metal gigs, concerts and festivals. For more than 15 years we sell official band merchandise and since then we've pleased thousands and thousands of our customers.

We choose the best products every day not only for our racks but especially for your wardrobes. We were the first ones to discover some - nowadays well established - brands for Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic and Slovakia). We aspire not just to sell metal merchandise but to set borders for the metal trends as well.

Welcome to METAL-SHOP.

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Shop and storage area all in one - that is our showroom in Bystřice (approximately 2 miles east of the city Třinec) which extends over an area of 300 m2 and currently covers all of our 20,000 products! Therefore we are ready to dispatch your order in very small amount of time!


Metalshop timeline

1998 - We've started to pursue our bold vision by opening the brick-and-mortar CRYT hardcore shop in Třinec, Czech Republic. It definitely wasn't an easy task but slowly we've managed to find our way towards an increasing amount of customers. At first there were only hardcore underground fans, but as time went on, families with kids and a whole spectrum of rock and metal listeners became anxious to come and visit us. In that moment we realized we definitely need to go online.

2004 - And so it happened. Metalshop as you know it was born. Well, it looked pretty much awful (hey, remember - it's 2004 when Photoshop was something extremely rare) but at that time, we were the only seller with this unique internet e-shop tool and therefore we've quickly become the major force in selling metal stuff around Czech Republic and Slovakia. No rest for the wicked though, our goal was not only to dominate our homeland but to spread across the planet.

2012 - We've launched European version of Metalshop with shipping all over the world. With that being said, we've desperately needed to move from the small underground shop in Třinec and by that time we've managed to find a perfect place for our massive expansion in the small village of Bystřice. Now we have our own Metalshop showroom which extends over an area of 984 ft2 and currently holds all of our 20,000 products! But even though we are constantly growing, we still do our best to please our customers and select our goods by their eclectic music taste.

2014 - Here we are. Selling stuff all around the planet, having more than 20,000 products in stock and carrying our own legacy. It was a really unusual decade, an unusual story that initially wasn't meant to be (selling metal t-shirts in Eastern Europe, are you nuts?!). But once again - here we are, stronger than ever. From bunch of total amateurs in the basement in Třinec to the global phenomenon. Not a bad achievement, don't you think? With all the glamour and success under our belts, we are staying 100% true to our roots though. For us there is only one driving force: LONG LIVE METAL!

10 let Metalshopu

This is how we celebrated our 10th anniversary

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