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The affiliate program is an affiliate commission system designed for website operators. Place our advertisement on your site through which customers can come to our store and earn interesting commissions from their purchases.

About us

Ever since we were taught properly to walk, we've been going out to events, concerts and festivals searching for music. We've been selling music bands' clothing for over 15 years. There are thousands of you that we dress – metalheads, rockers, punks and more, hard music has become your lifestyle too. Every day we select the most interesting pieces for our shelves and especially for your wardrobes, and some brands we discovered first for Czechoslovakia. We try not only to sell, but also to define the boundaries of metal trends.

Besides the most famous alternative brands such as Killstar, New Rock and Dr. Martens, Metalshop's selection also includes the most important metal and rock bands, namely Slipknot, Metallica, Rammstein, Gn'R and many more. The combination of 15 localized e-stores, professional customer service, unprecedented assortment and an overall great shopping experience makes Metalshop the #1 destination for metalheads everywhere.